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Ryan DeBok

Westside Family Church, IT Support
Orange Rhythm Technology, IT Consultant
Paola, Kansas
I’m a normal dude who puts his pants on one leg at a time, unless I don’t wear pants because I work from home a lot. But it does make for some awkward moments when the blinds are up and cars drive by the house. My kids home school. My wife is a superstar. We’re foster parents, and wow. The hair on my head is losing to the hair on my back. 15 years of Youth & Young Life Ministry. I’ve been a Church IT Director with “other duties as assigned”. Worked in Banking IT and my wife thought it was hot that I had to wear shirts with ties every day. This was the only real perk in working at a Bank in IT. Worked in a Special Needs Home with amazing staff and kids and hope to go back someday. I like to help people with their technology. I like to learn and share tech solutions that save time and money. I’m learning to listen more than I speak. I play at Chess.com. I’m not that good. https://www.chess.com/register?ref_id=22185042 https://www.chess.com/members/view/RyanDDeBok
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